The Plateau: Social Media

“Many a hand has scaled the grand old face of the plateau. Some belong to strangers and some to folks you know…” “Plateau” by The Meat Puppets, Meat Puppets II Social media has become much more than it was ever meant to be, and to that end – it’s a problem. What was supposed toContinue reading “The Plateau: Social Media”

In Brief: Branding

In my real life, I engineer content – strategically – in order to create awareness for a brand or a brand’s endeavour. I work with companies to map out their journey by getting their widget and their message out in front of the crowd to help them take critical steps towards their success. So, IContinue reading “In Brief: Branding”

Only After All…

I got really good at taking pictures somewhere along the way. They’re in places you might have seen – maybe not… But..Probably.. It got to a point where I made a career out of it and helped make other people make careers out of it. It’s good money, man. And it’s good for the ego…Continue reading “Only After All…”