A Wash Of Indigo…

Brain: That was pretty heavy… Spotify: Alright! I’m going to play “Meadowlake Street” by Ryan Adams…. The whole War On Drugs discography… Oh! And “Lost Stars” by Adam Levine! Brain: Seriously? Heart: Wooohoo! Brain: Dude.

Listening For The Secret Searching For The Sound

Music is the best form of communication on the planet.But the trick to music is listening to it – and being in the right place and time to be able to listen to it. Generally, we just hear music – it fills in random voids in the background. But when we listen to it –Continue reading “Listening For The Secret Searching For The Sound”

Listen to Music… All the time.. Even when you’re sleeping.

Music has always played a large roll in my life. There isn’t a certain type of music I lean towards, but I’m currently drenching myself in Americana. Actually, it’s probably always in this realm, but I don’t mind branching out and listening to a little bit of everything. Bigger than what I’m listening to –Continue reading “Listen to Music… All the time.. Even when you’re sleeping.”