It’s Alright To Sigh | 2.5.2021

On days like todayI’d like to hide in the snowthat clings to the branches of the trees…And see who really sees me. On nights like tonightI’d like to stare at the skyand watch the stars wink at me…While the moon chases meAround my yard. When things feel like this…When I’m in the space between emotions.WhenContinue reading “It’s Alright To Sigh | 2.5.2021”

The Outside Magazine Article

Being that this blog is new, I haven’t really given you all the information about me – because, well, I like to be coy. So here’s the scoop: I am a knifemaker. After years of study – under my former father in law; bladesmith – John Zembko of Zemknives – I started a knife companyContinue reading “The Outside Magazine Article”