Pinecones | 1.23.2021

PineconesYou stay in my handInverted. With very little pressure applied. Perhaps to not break you?But I assure you my lack of grip is unintentional.You’re just suspended in my hand. Is it the sap, maybe?Could that be the trick? Either way, you’re in the long haulWith me. You kept me asleep last nightAnd now you’re mine..Continue reading “Pinecones | 1.23.2021”

Add More Kindling..

The universe relies on pings in order to stay in motion; balanced in its greatness – floating along with us inside – causing a commotion. We are a primary source of pings and everything we do has a cause and effect. We are ripples and we are waves. And though we, alone, may not beContinue reading “Add More Kindling..”

Harrison Ford Just Made Me Cry

Growing up in the 1980’s – Harrison Ford quickly solidified his role in my life as something of a father figure, if not as someone I wanted to aspire to be like. But really, if I’m really being real – I wanted to be Indiana Jones; not Harrison Ford. My older brother even gave meContinue reading “Harrison Ford Just Made Me Cry”