Save Some Light For Me | 3.28.21

In my dreamsI visit familiar housesjust to hear familiar voices. I see things likerocks and treestaking over dining roomswith too many doorways… And small scaletechnical TV’swith lizards livingbehind their screens. I talk to peoplesitting inside wallsKnitting.We talk aboutbaseball gamesthey watched onthose reptile TV’s. People without facesthat would havefamiliar faces.If they had faces. Their eyes outContinue reading “Save Some Light For Me | 3.28.21”

.. And I Will Be Your Rainbow

For Penny When my daughter was in Kindergarten her mother and I went to our first ever parent teacher conference. Everything was on par – she talks, she colors, she contributes, she’s five. And then it got weird. The teacher told us she was very concerned about Penny because she really enjoyed talking about herContinue reading “.. And I Will Be Your Rainbow”