Fiddleheads (or lack there of…)

There’s a few specific areas on the mountain where you’re guaranteed to find your fill of fiddleheads this time of year. They pop up from beneath the leaves under the canopies about three weeks after the peepers make their presence known. I say this with confidence as I’ve been harvesting fiddleheads this time of year,Continue reading “Fiddleheads (or lack there of…)”

Even After All…

Initially, I didn’t pay much attention to this picture. But, last night, as I was recapping my adventures to my girls, I noticed the sun. I noticed the winter common palette of color. I noted it’s contrast. I noticed how different this landscape was from where I usually was. The carpeting of pine needles…The abundanceContinue reading “Even After All…”

Pinecones | 1.23.2021

PineconesYou stay in my handInverted. With very little pressure applied. Perhaps to not break you?But I assure you my lack of grip is unintentional.You’re just suspended in my hand. Is it the sap, maybe?Could that be the trick? Either way, you’re in the long haulWith me. You kept me asleep last nightAnd now you’re mine..Continue reading “Pinecones | 1.23.2021”

The Memory Collectors of Maromas

I’m a collector of things – but I am far from a hoarder. Instead of stacking newspapers in my basement, I like to pick up odd rocks and twisted sticks from the trail when I’m out hiking. In the spring and summer, I’ve been known to press flowers between pages, and it wouldn’t be outContinue reading “The Memory Collectors of Maromas”

A Note On Early Winter Hiking In Connecticut…

Sure there’s a staunch group of diehard outdoor enthusiasts disbursed throughout the world that don’t mind the cold weather, But most folks take the winter off – in terms of outdoor activities in colder climates. Truth be told: this is perfect hiking weather.Cold. Quiet. Covered in snow. It’s a real hell of a time toContinue reading “A Note On Early Winter Hiking In Connecticut…”