Foxglove and Daylily: A Tale Of Two Sisters

In the fall, my daughters will take on the next scholastic chapters in both of their young and wonderful lives. Penny, eight this coming August, will go into third grade – which I hear is a real doozy in modern times. It’s probably even more-so being that half of this year past year – andContinue reading “Foxglove and Daylily: A Tale Of Two Sisters”

Thanks, Doc…

Somewhere in 2001, I became an unofficial line coach for “The Vagina Monologues”. I can’t tell you if I was asked to take on the role as a challenge or as a building block to an unavoidable friendship, but I knew I had to accept it, and take it seriously – because it meant somethingContinue reading “Thanks, Doc…”

My Morning Bird | 3.14.2021

For Quinn, at 4 years old I hear you up therewhile I’m down here. Your little whispers fill the air,replacing the waves of jazz that brought me down here. The sun rises over the ridgeand fills up the space around us… Through the kitchen windows..Then up the side of the house,over the shed, and upwardtoContinue reading “My Morning Bird | 3.14.2021”