Summer’s almost gone – and the general consensus in this household is: GOOD! Sure, we have a ton of fun with the longer days and hot weather, but there comes a point where you need to get your feet back under you. Get your head back in it – rely on an alarm clock untilContinue reading “9.22.21”

Cosmic Contradictions

Last night, Thursday August 12th, 2021, we were supposed to get a Perseid Meteor Shower of biblical proportions. We didn’t. We got a great night sky – clear as a glass – sprinkled in wonder – but no shooting stars or any other sort of cosmic occurrence. There will be another chance. There always is…Continue reading “Cosmic Contradictions”

The Den

Growing up, we had a room in our house that was designated as a catch-all: a place to store things forgotten that you weren’t ready to forget, a place to iron clothes, and a place to hide Christmas presents from prying eyes… It’s also where a majority of our houseplants, in varying stages of theirContinue reading “The Den”

Beasts of the Nook

I’ve got an area in the back yard…Well – it’s an area by definition, but it’s really a nook: a little area boxed-in by the back of the house, the back of the shed, the front of the woods, and this temporary fence my neighbor put up in an obvious bout with insanity. We growContinue reading “Beasts of the Nook”

“Feathers” | 5.10.21

Last night,I dreamtthat when we were bornwe came with a featherthat our mother’s releasedon the wind. And if that featherever found us… We got to be childrenonce again…

Save Some Light For Me | 3.28.21

In my dreamsI visit familiar housesjust to hear familiar voices. I see things likerocks and treestaking over dining roomswith too many doorways… And small scaletechnical TV’swith lizards livingbehind their screens. I talk to peoplesitting inside wallsKnitting.We talk aboutbaseball gamesthey watched onthose reptile TV’s. People without facesthat would havefamiliar faces.If they had faces. Their eyes outContinue reading “Save Some Light For Me | 3.28.21”

Thanks, Doc…

Somewhere in 2001, I became an unofficial line coach for “The Vagina Monologues”. I can’t tell you if I was asked to take on the role as a challenge or as a building block to an unavoidable friendship, but I knew I had to accept it, and take it seriously – because it meant somethingContinue reading “Thanks, Doc…”

Only After All…

I got really good at taking pictures somewhere along the way. They’re in places you might have seen – maybe not… But..Probably.. It got to a point where I made a career out of it and helped make other people make careers out of it. It’s good money, man. And it’s good for the ego…Continue reading “Only After All…”

A Wash Of Indigo…

Brain: That was pretty heavy… Spotify: Alright! I’m going to play “Meadowlake Street” by Ryan Adams…. The whole War On Drugs discography… Oh! And “Lost Stars” by Adam Levine! Brain: Seriously? Heart: Wooohoo! Brain: Dude.

Ferlinghetti Has Died

Lawrence Ferlinghetti has died at 101 years old – and it has shifted my step for just a minute. My junior year of college, I took a Beat Poetry class – taught by Ann Charters – who had built a career with the likes of Ferlinghetti, Kerouac, and Ginsberg – and had become somewhat synonymousContinue reading “Ferlinghetti Has Died”

Next Track | 2.21.2021

I enjoy the waythe sun illuminates youin every way. Through a window..In a doorway.. Bouncing off the snowthough the windshieldas we crawlbehind slow carsfilled with dogs and drama. As you get quietworrying about sunsets…As if the moonlightwouldn’t catch you the same way… As if…


When I need to say something, sometimes I use song lyrics to convey a message and to avoid direct and possibly cringeworthy moments. You know, those moments that you build yourself up to make happen and they can go either way – one of which fills your tanks with hope and happiness and the otherContinue reading “Breadcrumbs”

Write When Sober

I’ve been writing, as a form of expression, since I was a kid. First it was short stories, then it became poetry – I mixed in some lyrics from time to time – then mostly back to poetry, with a brief infusion of reflections, some technical stuff, and even company processes and newsletters. I write.It’sContinue reading “Write When Sober”

Even After All…

Initially, I didn’t pay much attention to this picture. But, last night, as I was recapping my adventures to my girls, I noticed the sun. I noticed the winter common palette of color. I noted it’s contrast. I noticed how different this landscape was from where I usually was. The carpeting of pine needles…The abundanceContinue reading “Even After All…”

Geometry | 1.23.2021

As I walk towards the sunWith my sunglasses onI make up things I seeIn the glare. As the water beneath my feetRipples with purple and goldA geometric oil slickThat let’s me knowI how far I’ve gone… How far have I gone?

Pinecones | 1.23.2021

PineconesYou stay in my handInverted. With very little pressure applied. Perhaps to not break you?But I assure you my lack of grip is unintentional.You’re just suspended in my hand. Is it the sap, maybe?Could that be the trick? Either way, you’re in the long haulWith me. You kept me asleep last nightAnd now you’re mine..Continue reading “Pinecones | 1.23.2021”

Add More Kindling..

The universe relies on pings in order to stay in motion; balanced in its greatness – floating along with us inside – causing a commotion. We are a primary source of pings and everything we do has a cause and effect. We are ripples and we are waves. And though we, alone, may not beContinue reading “Add More Kindling..”

Setlist: Phil & Friends – 11.15.12 – Capitol Theatre, Port Chester NY

When we all used to go see live music, live and in person, I challenged myself to capture the setlist as the show was happening. It’s a common practice – and it’s wicked fun. Case and point: right now my mind is ripe with memories from that night. Fond, happy memories with a hint ofContinue reading “Setlist: Phil & Friends – 11.15.12 – Capitol Theatre, Port Chester NY”

Playlist: December

December is the beginning of the end; the swan song to the preceding year. We generally spend it getting ready for the holidays – which we’re still doing – but being that this year was a little off-kilter, I wanted to make a playlist that reflected more than just Christmas and New Year’s. So IContinue reading “Playlist: December”

A Note On Early Winter Hiking In Connecticut…

Sure there’s a staunch group of diehard outdoor enthusiasts disbursed throughout the world that don’t mind the cold weather, But most folks take the winter off – in terms of outdoor activities in colder climates. Truth be told: this is perfect hiking weather.Cold. Quiet. Covered in snow. It’s a real hell of a time toContinue reading “A Note On Early Winter Hiking In Connecticut…”

Yeah So, About Craft Beer (A Connecticut Yankee In A Market Nearing Saturation)

“Where most businesses usually suffer due to internal struggles, or an inferior product, saturation in craft beer is when the market has reached its capacity and breweries start to suffer because of it. Saturation is a naturally occurring outside force that has internal impacts, out of your control. It can only be countered by amplifyingContinue reading “Yeah So, About Craft Beer (A Connecticut Yankee In A Market Nearing Saturation)”

Technical And Tactical: The Future of the Outdoor Gear and Clothing Market

Recently, I was catching up with an old friend and we were talking about the overlap, in the outdoor gear and clothing category, between technical and tactical – and how the two categories share so many commonalities, including the intended user – that it makes sense that they become more and more woven together. Anyway,Continue reading “Technical And Tactical: The Future of the Outdoor Gear and Clothing Market”

Our Fear Of Being Unplugged and Disconnected – A (Very Real) Social Disease

Whenever I look through one of my multiple boxes and bags of gear that I have accumulated over the years, I am bound to pass by myriad charging cables and rechargeable battery packs – solar or conventional – and, as I do, I feel a wave of elation come over me. Like many of you,Continue reading “Our Fear Of Being Unplugged and Disconnected – A (Very Real) Social Disease”

Listen to Music… All the time.. Even when you’re sleeping.

Music has always played a large roll in my life. There isn’t a certain type of music I lean towards, but I’m currently drenching myself in Americana. Actually, it’s probably always in this realm, but I don’t mind branching out and listening to a little bit of everything. Bigger than what I’m listening to –Continue reading “Listen to Music… All the time.. Even when you’re sleeping.”

“Itchy Scars”

For every flower I ever picked you – Who’s pedals have all turned to rustFrom our back and forth tears – I still love you. For every lie you sang to the wind – For everyone who believed you –For all the fences I was forced to mend – For everyone else in our bedContinue reading ““Itchy Scars””

Robert Hunter, RIP

Today, Robert Hunter passed away… Lyricist for the Grateful Dead, and so much more – Hunter penned some of the stuff that became our memorable moments in life. His words carried through the tunes and gave them the spirit they needed to sit up on the shelf for generations; without need of support. He wasContinue reading “Robert Hunter, RIP”

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