FUN FACT: I was nicknamed “Ragged” for my affinity for roaming around Ragged Mountain in my hometown of Berlin, CT


Who Am I?

My name is Nick LeFort and I am the second to current generation in a long line of hard working, creative, tinkerers. Everything I share with you is being presented to you live, and without a net.

I’m a dad to two little girls who has taken the long way to figuring it all out, just to realize that I have only just begun. And I love it. I love every detail.

I have no direct political afflictions, but I do believe in a person’s right to be free and happy. I enjoy being outside as much as possible, gadgets, gizmos, craft beer, mountain biking in your 40’s, good books, flannel shirts, knives, gear, and sampling rare bourbon by a fire pit on a cold night.

I also enjoy waking up and stoking that same fire pit and enjoying a cup of coffee worth talking about. To that end, I firmly believe a life well lived is one filled with deep conversation with as little awkward silence as possible.

Everything I share is a reflection of my life and what happens when I am living it.

If you see me out and about, just call me “Ragged”. That way I know I’m not far from home.

The Lemonade Stand, Maromas CT

Things They Call Me

Freelance Writer

Design Engineer

Content Strategist


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