Foxglove and Daylily: A Tale Of Two Sisters

In the fall, my daughters will take on the next scholastic chapters in both of their young and wonderful lives. Penny, eight this coming August, will go into third grade – which I hear is a real doozy in modern times. It’s probably even more-so being that half of this year past year – andContinue reading “Foxglove and Daylily: A Tale Of Two Sisters”

A Wash Of Indigo…

Brain: That was pretty heavy… Spotify: Alright! I’m going to play “Meadowlake Street” by Ryan Adams…. The whole War On Drugs discography… Oh! And “Lost Stars” by Adam Levine! Brain: Seriously? Heart: Wooohoo! Brain: Dude.

The Memory Collectors of Maromas

I’m a collector of things – but I am far from a hoarder. Instead of stacking newspapers in my basement, I like to pick up odd rocks and twisted sticks from the trail when I’m out hiking. In the spring and summer, I’ve been known to press flowers between pages, and it wouldn’t be outContinue reading “The Memory Collectors of Maromas”

Playlist: December

December is the beginning of the end; the swan song to the preceding year. We generally spend it getting ready for the holidays – which we’re still doing – but being that this year was a little off-kilter, I wanted to make a playlist that reflected more than just Christmas and New Year’s. So IContinue reading “Playlist: December”

A Note On Early Winter Hiking In Connecticut…

Sure there’s a staunch group of diehard outdoor enthusiasts disbursed throughout the world that don’t mind the cold weather, But most folks take the winter off – in terms of outdoor activities in colder climates. Truth be told: this is perfect hiking weather.Cold. Quiet. Covered in snow. It’s a real hell of a time toContinue reading “A Note On Early Winter Hiking In Connecticut…”

The Wooling Of America

During this pandemic, when life slowed down to a crawl, we should have all been given an opportunity to do a system’s check and suss out what we like and don’t like about ourselves, make adjustments, and adapt to what’s being called the “new normal”. This also should have been a time where we uppedContinue reading “The Wooling Of America”