Foxglove and Daylily: A Tale Of Two Sisters

In the fall, my daughters will take on the next scholastic chapters in both of their young and wonderful lives. Penny, eight this coming August, will go into third grade – which I hear is a real doozy in modern times. It’s probably even more-so being that half of this year past year – andContinue reading “Foxglove and Daylily: A Tale Of Two Sisters”

Jam On (Recipe At The End)

There’s always been a plan to plant things to grow things to sustain us here at our little homestead – and throughout the course of the pandemic, we made some serious headway: 8 Apple Trees (6 that are a sure thing). 10 Blueberry Bushes (8 that are putting out an impressive amount of fruit.. 2Continue reading “Jam On (Recipe At The End)”

Soft Skin In A Crowded Place | 6.5.2021

And in all the dreams I have of you.You’re younger… …And you’re doing crazy things. And no one believes me when I talk about how you used to do crazy things. Sometimes I don’t believe me, but I know what I remember. Crazy things that stuck us together like glue. Crazy things that made peopleContinue reading “Soft Skin In A Crowded Place | 6.5.2021”

The Plateau: Social Media

“Many a hand has scaled the grand old face of the plateau. Some belong to strangers and some to folks you know…” “Plateau” by The Meat Puppets, Meat Puppets II Social media has become much more than it was ever meant to be, and to that end – it’s a problem. What was supposed toContinue reading “The Plateau: Social Media”

In Brief: Branding

In my real life, I engineer content – strategically – in order to create awareness for a brand or a brand’s endeavour. I work with companies to map out their journey by getting their widget and their message out in front of the crowd to help them take critical steps towards their success. So, IContinue reading “In Brief: Branding”

An Unavoidable Pile Of Breadcrumbs

The universe is so vast that it’s incredible that anything connects – let alone if multiple things connect. But they do. These connections are breadcrumbs; coincidences that capture our attention and set us on a path – consciously or subconsciously. Tacitly, we’re drawn to it – this ethereal concept – and in some cases itContinue reading “An Unavoidable Pile Of Breadcrumbs”

Minding My P’s & Q’s

For Penny & Quinn You’re growing up in a world that’s just starting to understand the importance of equality; but that doesn’t mean that there won’t be a man out there who tries to establish dominance over you. It’s an antiquated dichotomy that seemed appealing in old movies, but never in real life. Submission isn’tContinue reading “Minding My P’s & Q’s”

The Restlessness Of Water

Recently, one thing led to another in my life and I found myself accessing a million memories I had put on a shelf for a rainy day, if ever another day. As if being allowed to feel reminded me I had debts to settle with yesterday. But good memories don’t need to be turned intoContinue reading “The Restlessness Of Water”

.. And I Will Be Your Rainbow

For Penny When my daughter was in Kindergarten her mother and I went to our first ever parent teacher conference. Everything was on par – she talks, she colors, she contributes, she’s five. And then it got weird. The teacher told us she was very concerned about Penny because she really enjoyed talking about herContinue reading “.. And I Will Be Your Rainbow”

Only After All…

I got really good at taking pictures somewhere along the way. They’re in places you might have seen – maybe not… But..Probably.. It got to a point where I made a career out of it and helped make other people make careers out of it. It’s good money, man. And it’s good for the ego…Continue reading “Only After All…”