Soft Skin In A Crowded Place | 6.5.2021

And in all the dreams I have of you.You’re younger… …And you’re doing crazy things. And no one believes me when I talk about how you used to do crazy things. Sometimes I don’t believe me, but I know what I remember. Crazy things that stuck us together like glue. Crazy things that made peopleContinue reading “Soft Skin In A Crowded Place | 6.5.2021”

Save Some Light For Me | 3.28.21

In my dreamsI visit familiar housesjust to hear familiar voices. I see things likerocks and treestaking over dining roomswith too many doorways… And small scaletechnical TV’swith lizards livingbehind their screens. I talk to peoplesitting inside wallsKnitting.We talk aboutbaseball gamesthey watched onthose reptile TV’s. People without facesthat would havefamiliar faces.If they had faces. Their eyes outContinue reading “Save Some Light For Me | 3.28.21”

My Morning Bird | 3.14.2021

For Quinn, at 4 years old I hear you up therewhile I’m down here. Your little whispers fill the air,replacing the waves of jazz that brought me down here. The sun rises over the ridgeand fills up the space around us… Through the kitchen windows..Then up the side of the house,over the shed, and upwardtoContinue reading “My Morning Bird | 3.14.2021”

A Wash Of Indigo…

Brain: That was pretty heavy… Spotify: Alright! I’m going to play “Meadowlake Street” by Ryan Adams…. The whole War On Drugs discography… Oh! And “Lost Stars” by Adam Levine! Brain: Seriously? Heart: Wooohoo! Brain: Dude.

Ferlinghetti Has Died

Lawrence Ferlinghetti has died at 101 years old – and it has shifted my step for just a minute. My junior year of college, I took a Beat Poetry class – taught by Ann Charters – who had built a career with the likes of Ferlinghetti, Kerouac, and Ginsberg – and had become somewhat synonymousContinue reading “Ferlinghetti Has Died”

Free The Remaining Embers

I hitched a ride on the poetry train somewhere in middle school, and I’ve been reading and writing it ever since. I got heavy into The Beats for a bit, and some of it shows in here – mostly in the erratic form and probably written out on the grass or in the cosmos. It’sContinue reading “Free The Remaining Embers”

It’s Alright To Sigh | 2.5.2021

On days like todayI’d like to hide in the snowthat clings to the branches of the trees…And see who really sees me. On nights like tonightI’d like to stare at the skyand watch the stars wink at me…While the moon chases meAround my yard. When things feel like this…When I’m in the space between emotions.WhenContinue reading “It’s Alright To Sigh | 2.5.2021”

Write When Sober

I’ve been writing, as a form of expression, since I was a kid. First it was short stories, then it became poetry – I mixed in some lyrics from time to time – then mostly back to poetry, with a brief infusion of reflections, some technical stuff, and even company processes and newsletters. I write.It’sContinue reading “Write When Sober”