Foxglove and Daylily: A Tale Of Two Sisters

In the fall, my daughters will take on the next scholastic chapters in both of their young and wonderful lives. Penny, eight this coming August, will go into third grade – which I hear is a real doozy in modern times. It’s probably even more-so being that half of this year past year – andContinue reading “Foxglove and Daylily: A Tale Of Two Sisters”

Beasts of the Nook

I’ve got an area in the back yard…Well – it’s an area by definition, but it’s really a nook: a little area boxed-in by the back of the house, the back of the shed, the front of the woods, and this temporary fence my neighbor put up in an obvious bout with insanity. We growContinue reading “Beasts of the Nook”

Fiddleheads (or lack there of…)

There’s a few specific areas on the mountain where you’re guaranteed to find your fill of fiddleheads this time of year. They pop up from beneath the leaves under the canopies about three weeks after the peepers make their presence known. I say this with confidence as I’ve been harvesting fiddleheads this time of year,Continue reading “Fiddleheads (or lack there of…)”

Winter, Specifically Sunrise

“We’re one, but we’re not the same. We got to carry each other…Carry each other…” The way this house was built, the sun will always rise outside of my bedroom window. In proximity, it sits in the gap between the house and my shed, and slowly crawls west. Out past the Brook…Over the Ridge… AndContinue reading “Winter, Specifically Sunrise”

It’s Alright To Sigh | 2.5.2021

On days like todayI’d like to hide in the snowthat clings to the branches of the trees…And see who really sees me. On nights like tonightI’d like to stare at the skyand watch the stars wink at me…While the moon chases meAround my yard. When things feel like this…When I’m in the space between emotions.WhenContinue reading “It’s Alright To Sigh | 2.5.2021”

Even After All…

Initially, I didn’t pay much attention to this picture. But, last night, as I was recapping my adventures to my girls, I noticed the sun. I noticed the winter common palette of color. I noted it’s contrast. I noticed how different this landscape was from where I usually was. The carpeting of pine needles…The abundanceContinue reading “Even After All…”

Pinecones | 1.23.2021

PineconesYou stay in my handInverted. With very little pressure applied. Perhaps to not break you?But I assure you my lack of grip is unintentional.You’re just suspended in my hand. Is it the sap, maybe?Could that be the trick? Either way, you’re in the long haulWith me. You kept me asleep last nightAnd now you’re mine..Continue reading “Pinecones | 1.23.2021”

Queen Cardinal: Magic In Hierarchy

The birds in my backyard, in winter, are magical. I don’t mean that there are some weird Harry Potter birds soaring around back there – but for what’s showing up at my bird feeder, the amount of them, and the way they work together – it has to be magic; unless birds are way moreContinue reading “Queen Cardinal: Magic In Hierarchy”