A Wash Of Indigo…

Brain: That was pretty heavy… Spotify: Alright! I’m going to play “Meadowlake Street” by Ryan Adams…. The whole War On Drugs discography… Oh! And “Lost Stars” by Adam Levine! Brain: Seriously? Heart: Wooohoo! Brain: Dude.

Listening For The Secret Searching For The Sound

Music is the best form of communication on the planet.But the trick to music is listening to it – and being in the right place and time to be able to listen to it. Generally, we just hear music – it fills in random voids in the background. But when we listen to it –Continue reading “Listening For The Secret Searching For The Sound”

Setlist: Phil & Friends – 11.15.12 – Capitol Theatre, Port Chester NY

When we all used to go see live music, live and in person, I challenged myself to capture the setlist as the show was happening. It’s a common practice – and it’s wicked fun. Case and point: right now my mind is ripe with memories from that night. Fond, happy memories with a hint ofContinue reading “Setlist: Phil & Friends – 11.15.12 – Capitol Theatre, Port Chester NY”

Playlist: December

December is the beginning of the end; the swan song to the preceding year. We generally spend it getting ready for the holidays – which we’re still doing – but being that this year was a little off-kilter, I wanted to make a playlist that reflected more than just Christmas and New Year’s. So IContinue reading “Playlist: December”

Listen to Music… All the time.. Even when you’re sleeping.

Music has always played a large roll in my life. There isn’t a certain type of music I lean towards, but I’m currently drenching myself in Americana. Actually, it’s probably always in this realm, but I don’t mind branching out and listening to a little bit of everything. Bigger than what I’m listening to –Continue reading “Listen to Music… All the time.. Even when you’re sleeping.”