The Memory Collectors of Maromas

I’m a collector of things – but I am far from a hoarder. Instead of stacking newspapers in my basement, I like to pick up odd rocks and twisted sticks from the trail when I’m out hiking. In the spring and summer, I’ve been known to press flowers between pages, and it wouldn’t be outContinue reading “The Memory Collectors of Maromas”

Your Life, Live – In Concert (Skullcandy “Sesh”)

” For me, it’s not always about being an audiophile. It’s about being a functioning music aficionado who isn’t trying to block out the world, but to enhance his day to day life with some background music.” A little while back, I admitted that I listen to music all the time – even while sleepingContinue reading “Your Life, Live – In Concert (Skullcandy “Sesh”)”

Technical And Tactical: The Future of the Outdoor Gear and Clothing Market

Recently, I was catching up with an old friend and we were talking about the overlap, in the outdoor gear and clothing category, between technical and tactical – and how the two categories share so many commonalities, including the intended user – that it makes sense that they become more and more woven together. Anyway,Continue reading “Technical And Tactical: The Future of the Outdoor Gear and Clothing Market”