Summer’s almost gone – and the general consensus in this household is: GOOD!

Sure, we have a ton of fun with the longer days and hot weather, but there comes a point where you need to get your feet back under you. Get your head back in it – rely on an alarm clock until the charm wears off, etc. etc…

And seeing that most of this summer was spent at around ninety-degrees, the kids and I are excited for flannel mornings and firepit evenings.

In fact – both girls have been pushing the moment by insisting on wearing sweatshirts to school in the morning.

Now, don’t get me wrong – while I sit here with a sunburn – I like most aspects of summer: beaches, camping, open windows, and open minds – but, with the way things have been going in New England, we could do all those things – and be more comfortable – in October…

Maybe even November…

Okay, maybe not so much the beach – but, man oh man, there’s nothing like waking up in a tent this time of year. And shit, if you were a true fan of the beach, you could make an October afternoon work out just fine.

Truth is, I am much less in-tune in the summer. When I was younger, it was a time to unplug and absorb – but as an adult, I am much less productive where I want to be – like with writing. Maybe that makes me a seasonal writer? No. I don’t think so – I can write all the time – but I think I am much more aloof and a lot less detail-oriented in summer.

Which is what summer is all about – especially for my girls – but I need a point to return to in reality where my feet are firmly planted and I am dialed in to whatever I need to be dialed into – without the distraction of the smells of sunscreen and the sound of a crashing wave getting my tail to wag.

So I welcome back the deeper thoughts. I welcome back the opportunity for in-depth conversations – sipping suds socially – without our clothes sticking to us in the humid heat.

I’m already back to driving down country roads
looking for any inkling of color
on any leaf that changes color…

Wednesday is the first day of fall.

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