Cosmic Contradictions

Last night, Thursday August 12th, 2021, we were supposed to get a Perseid Meteor Shower of biblical proportions. We didn’t. We got a great night sky – clear as a glass – sprinkled in wonder – but no shooting stars or any other sort of cosmic occurrence. There will be another chance. There always is…

Camp Sloper was completely lawless.

Sure, there were counselors and schedules and all of the formalities required to run an official, insured, camp – but the whole thing was very hands off and very smoke and mirrors.

I once went through two sessions – that’s 2 weeks – without ever seeing the counselor assigned to my group.

I was 12.

Anyway, my first – planned – meteor shower was there, one summer.

My buddy Steve and I laid on the grass, just outside the edge of the pavilion, facing the lake – and we waited and waited to see something cosmic.

For a while it was nothing but dirty jokes, but then – those flaming buggers started streaming the sky like madness had set them on their final run.

And we sat there for a good ten minutes in silence.

Everyone was silent.

“It’s better to burn out, then to fade away.”

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