Foxglove and Daylily: A Tale Of Two Sisters

In the fall, my daughters will take on the next scholastic chapters in both of their young and wonderful lives.

Penny, eight this coming August, will go into third grade – which I hear is a real doozy in modern times. It’s probably even more-so being that half of this year past year – and half of the last year – was spent distance learning, a situation that forced kids to get acclimated with technology with a quickness, and probably took something away from the organic learning experience.

Though it could be argued that they were instilled with a powerful dose of forced-independence, and there’s merit in that feat.

Either way, she adjusted to both scenarios like a champ.

Quinn, who just turned five and proudly tells everyone so, will take the leap into Kindergarten – an all day commitment at a new school.

Our hometown only hosts the PreK program she was in at one of the three elementary schools in town, and she’ll be heading on up – to the east side, at another elementary school – for the next 6 years of her life. Three of which will be spent with Penny – so she’s excited – Penny is excited – and so am I.

That said…

Today, being the final day of school for the girls, I decided to pick them each something from the yard to give them as a sign of love and congratulations.

In a yard full of flowers, I picked the Foxglove for Penny and the Daylily for Quinn. There was no precognition, no planning – I just picked them because each flower drew me to their personalities.

And man, I wasn’t far off…

“Foxglove” represents intuition and creativity – both things which Penny is renowned for. In fact, she was awarded for her creativity both last year and this year in school. Beyond that, she has an uncanny understanding of everything – generally with little introduction. Penny either gets it, or asks why and how something is the way it is or works – then gets it.

The orange “Daylily” represents courage, which is uncanny seeing that Quinn will be entering a new school, with new people, and new routines – and she’s jazzed for it. It also represents love, and – though both girls are incredibly emotional and caring – Quinn is a healer, in all rights. She wants people to be alright in life – and she’ll do whatever she can to make sure people feel that way.

I won’t lie – I’m a little in awe of this connection. Yes, they’re my daughters. Yes, 50% of their DNA is shared with mine. And yes, we spend an incredible amount of time together – but this is on another level. Our yard has more than a dozen flowers in bloom right now – but I was drawn to the ample Foxglove and the newly bloomed Daylily.

This is some kind of mix of stardust, glitter, and paying attention.
Just goes to show, you don’t even know what you know….
And what you do could really mean…


All of my love ladies. I am just as excited as you are to see what’s around the next bend.


aka “Captain Ryan Pooperson”

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