Soft Skin In A Crowded Place | 6.5.2021

in all the dreams I have of you.
You’re younger…

…And you’re doing crazy things.

And no one believes me
when I talk about how you used to do crazy things.
Sometimes I don’t believe me,
but I know what I remember.

Crazy things that stuck us together like glue.
Crazy things that made people worry.
Crazy things like going shot for shot.
Crazy things like stealing cold cuts and selling cigarettes.
Crazy like making sandwiches from crumbs.
Crazy to wake up laughing for so long.
Crazy when we finally didn’t.
Crazy nights in backyard tents –
when no one in the world knew where we were.
Crazy counting freckles through soft light fuzz.
Crazy how it all became crazy.

Crazy, but I don’t think you’re crazy.

But I see you
How I remember you.
And now I’m crying..
And I’ve lost all defenses.
In these waking moments…

But I least I saw you.
So I can remember you
the way I need to remember you.

For them…

Published by Ragged

I’m here in the now, trying to experience life while living it...

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