An Unavoidable Pile Of Breadcrumbs

The universe is so vast that it’s incredible that anything connects – let alone if multiple things connect. But they do. These connections are breadcrumbs; coincidences that capture our attention and set us on a path – consciously or subconsciously.

Tacitly, we’re drawn to it – this ethereal concept – and in some cases it gives us purpose. It’s a series of events that determine how relationships are made and how wars are won.

It’s fate.

“The concept of coincidences was created for the subconscious to buy enough time to understand the concept of fate.”

But don’t get hung up on it – fate isn’t as dire as we’ve been led to believe.

Where coincidences can easily be passed off as chance, fate digs in a little deeper and has the power to move us. It’s an unavoidable pile of breadcrumbs that need to be dealt with to get by.

But, fate is what you make it. It doesn’t need to be all-encompassing; it all depends on how you feed it and digest it – how far you let it get inside your head and take over your day to day.

Don’t look at fate as an absolute, but as an opportunity.

If it makes you feel better, you can call it kismet…

Published by Ragged

I’m here in the now, trying to experience life while living it...

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