Free The Remaining Embers

I hitched a ride on the poetry train somewhere in middle school, and I’ve been reading and writing it ever since.

I got heavy into The Beats for a bit, and some of it shows in here – mostly in the erratic form and probably written out on the grass or in the cosmos.

It’s my favorite form to write in; poetry.

But – poetry embarasses me. I can’t read a ton of it because it makes me think too much and it makes me think someone wants me to think too much – so imagine how weird I get when I read my own poetry?

Either way, somewhere in college, I started to like the taste of being published for my work – which is scattered throughout numerous rags, collections, and a couple of issues of “The Long River Review”, The University of Connecticut’s literary publication – which I still hold dear to me as bigger accomplishments than my Degree in English.. My minor in Creative Writing.. On and on…

In 2008, I had been out of school for a couple of years, but still writing – and still very much into the taste of being published. SO, I published a book of my own poetry. I ordered a copy. It sits on my bookshelf. Maybe I’ll read it some day.

That said – this morning, Amazon alerted me that the price of my totem was going up! What price? Why Amazon? Why $44.10?

Well, the long and short of it is – the company I published the book through took it and put it on Amazon and I don’t get a single cent for it.

So. Here it is, if you want it – for free:

It’s a great collection of work, dedicated to a person I used to know – in a past life – and I’m still proud of what it is – after all, it’s not just a bunch of love poems – and even if it was, you can scratch her name off and make them about you – or share them with someone you love that doesn’t me well enough to know any of that.

Maybe I’ll get you laid? Who knows.

Thanks either way.

Published by Ragged

I’m here in the now, trying to experience life while living it...

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