Two From The Cosmos

I’m a progressive person.

I keep an open mind and I’m always thinking a mile down the road. But believe me, it took a few bumps and bruises to get this way. I won’t go as far as to say I was ever narrow-minded, but I was impulsive.

But that’s another story.

I still take risks. But now I calculate the variety of outcomes and make sure I’m good with where I land.


Here are a couple of really solid quotes – one of which I just found, the other of which I have been refining for content, for years – that I wanted to share because I think they’re good for the soul.

… And for anyone who’s putting reality in charge of their day to day.

Feeling safe in someone’s energy is a different type of love. That feeling of peace and protection is really underrated.

Julian Lennon… Mostly

You can pull from this quote what you will – but it goes with a constant feeling of mine that there are many versions of love; that love can be a place in time as well as a feeling and a way of being.

Lennon originally used the word “intimacy” instead of “love” but that didn’t do it for me – it didn’t seem to include all the facets that it could. Intimacy is a product of love but cannot exist without it. Love exists infinite. But that’s not on Jules! I love the guy. I hope he would appreciate the modification as much as I appreciated the original.

For me, love is letting go and knowing someone won’t let me fall to far – or that they’ll hang on and fall with me; and vice-versa. It’s constant state of being able to be yourself, and feel safe with someone else.

This thing, whatever it is, is going to happen. And you have two choices – you can either let it happen or get in its way and get knocked over.

Either way, it’s still going to happen

Ken Kesey… Sort of…

I originally thought this quote came from Ken Kesey when he was talking about an acid trip he witnessed in the documentary “Magic Trip”. Turns out it was a little bit of that and a little bit of me – and I’ve been using it, where applicable, ever since.

It goes with my idea that you need to bounce things off the universe because the universe is going to bounce things off of you. It’s about balance and fate – taking risks and living life. If I ever have a gravestone, I would expect this to be on it.

If you grab anything from these quotes, it’s the idea that there is an energy bigger than us out there and we need to realize it’s out there. We don’t have to like it (refer to quote #2) but we can benefit from it (refer to quote #1) if we just let go and let the universe drive for a little while.

I’ve long said that I have complete control over my mind, but I don’t decide what my heart does – and I believe that. I believe that my mind is fully capable of trying to reason with my heart, but it’s a waste of time. But I can balance out the two and find reasoning somewhere in the middle so that I can keep on keeping on.

And I am not here to hinder progress.

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