When I need to say something, sometimes I use song lyrics to convey a message and to avoid direct and possibly cringeworthy moments.

You know, those moments that you build yourself up to make happen and they can go either way – one of which fills your tanks with hope and happiness and the other in which the world around you implodes and your get red in the face.

Personal confessions..
Awkward admissions..

Moments where you want to say something without saying it – but not so loud that you throw anyone off balance.

Just a tap on the shoulder..

“Hello, my name is Nick, and I use song lyrics as breadcrumbs.”

– Me

I throw them up in social media posts or in text messages just to say “hey” or to free up some space in my head.

To let someone know I’m thinking about them…
.. Maybe to get them to think about me?

I should interject that I’m also ridiculously direct and insert myself in those moments more than I’d like to admit. I’m still human after all.. But this isn’t about that.

And an Aries!

(If you buy into that celestial syrup.. Which I think everyone should at least consider, but that’s another story for another time.)


This morning I went to go post something free of anything dramatic or emotional and found that every song I thought would accompany the moment alluded back to things that were dramatic and emotional and – for the first time – I was stumped.

Have I pigeonholed myself?
Is my mind only geared towards a select group of things?
Okay – honestly – one thing?

Or is it just that all of these songs written and performed to be breadcrumbs?
Like these performers are doing exactly what I am doing – just on a bigger stage?

(Oh man, don’t allow me a stage..)

Even now, in writing this, I’ve thought about three or four songs I could use to compliment the photo I’m going to post – and they all lead back to where this all began.

What’s compounding is the fact that it might not be the lyric that I pick which is causing the problem – but possibly the lyrics around it.

I’m not hopeless – but I am romantic – and this isn’t the time for that.

I’m a forty year old guy who’s been through it all and have built a better me – and here I am playing coy before breakfast.

Note To Self: You’re a damn fool! Heart of stone? Bullshit.


I’ll just use something silly from the 80’s and pretend this didn’t happen.

I’m still going to make the post, afterall..
Which, in itself is IT happening..

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I’m here in the now, trying to experience life while living it...

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