Even After All…

Initially, I didn’t pay much attention to this picture. But, last night, as I was recapping my adventures to my girls, I noticed the sun. I noticed the winter common palette of color. I noted it’s contrast. I noticed how different this landscape was from where I usually was.

The carpeting of pine needles…
The abundance of deadfall..
The cold tapping on my face…

I’m always out in the woods..
But it was my first time in these woods..

Goes to show how different things are, even in proximity. As this is just one a couple of towns over – and towns and cities in Connecticut aren’t large, by comparison.

And yet it was completely different.

Goes to show that this just wasn’t a random picture of my truck parked near a trailhead that I’ve never passed through before – but an inspiration.

Suffice to say, even after all the miles I’ve put into different places, it’s still important to pay attention to the changes and try and keep up.


Note: I am a constant traveler of Ragged Mountain Memorial Preserve in Berlin, CT. This moment was captured (and now reflected upon) at the Northern Section section of Cockaponset State Forest. The two are similar, but different. It’s a bit of a mix-up that I haven’t wholly figured out; as this forest is everywhere out here in the Connecticut River Valley and Ragged Mountain is “merely” a preserve. Both are excellent escapes. The former may be my home away from home, but the latter beckons more of my attention.

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