Listening For The Secret Searching For The Sound

Music is the best form of communication on the planet.
But the trick to music is listening to it – and being in the right place and time to be able to listen to it.

Generally, we just hear music – it fills in random voids in the background. But when we listen to it – it’s everything: the scenery, the mood, the source of the moment.

Music has been used, since inception, to send messages. It’s been used to tell stories, used to celebrate life or to say goodbye to it, and it’s been widely seen as being therapeutic.

Music is magic and has been used for magic. Some people use it to make it rain, others use it to get out of bed. And some use it so they don’t get lonely when their kids are at their mother’s house.

This is probably something that has evolved through evolution, but – suffice to say – we’re hard-wired to respond to music. We even had a factory installed sensation called “frisson” which is our psychological response to music that comes in a form of elation or chills.

Seriously, look it up: Frisson

When frisson hits, it’s because we’re listening. We’re responding in our own way and gleaning from it what we need.

During that sensational sensation, we interpret lyrics and vacillations in sound because they resonate with where we are; in the moment. This is why you can be listening to music for hours and not really hear it – and then it randomly catches you off guard and you subconsciously react which could become an overt reaction if its a real banger.

Essentially, frisson signifies that we’re tuned in and turned on – AND – depending how submerged you get in it, the music in those moments can change your mood, your day, etc..

I’ve used music to help me understand my feelings for years. I’ve used lyrics to help other people understand me or how I feel, for years. Lyrics are either written to the music or the music is written to them – but either way, they complement one another and that syncopation is appealing to us on many levels.

… It’s all about the flow.

Sometimes it’s hard to get your point across, but when you find the right words, within the right music, you’re success rate in hitting your mark intensifies exponentially. Music allows us to tell our secrets – it’s our amplifier.

Most of the good stuff out there – the catchy stuff that you listen to over and over again – is the artist’s way of telling the listener how they feel. We can relate, so we’re receptive to it when the stars align and we find ourselves listening.

I would recommend to anyone out there, to get themselves involved with a good music service and a couple of radio stations – that match their personality – and just let those things drive you for a while.

Spotify has the uncanny ability of following the pattern of the music you are listening to and complementing it with recommended songs. It’s a great way to keep your head on straight – and also a great way to expand your musical catalog.

Let the music guide you through life; the deeper you are – the deeper it’ll hit you.

Published by Ragged

I’m here in the now, trying to experience life while living it...

2 thoughts on “Listening For The Secret Searching For The Sound

  1. Great post!! I experience an intense frisson when listening to certain classical music. Some that come to mind are Barber’s Adagio for Strings, Albinoni’s Adagio and Bach’s Air for G String. All beautiful and emotionally moving.


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