Add More Kindling..

The universe relies on pings in order to stay in motion; balanced in its greatness – floating along with us inside – causing a commotion.

We are a primary source of pings and everything we do has a cause and effect. We are ripples and we are waves. And though we, alone, may not be significant enough to really shift things around – we, the many – can really fuck things up terrifically.

Hence the ripples and waves comment.

And there’s really no map to how we go about it – any of it – the day to day. There’s no instruction manual either – there is just being and doing; and the hope that we find a soft spot to land when we leap outside of the norm.

That said…

Sometimes you really do need to put yourself out there without a net – say the things you need to say and do the things you need to do. Stand out in the crowd and buck the balance for your betterment. You alone won’t cause a cataclysmic change in the grand scheme of things – but you sure can get the ball rolling.


Sure you need to keep a couple of nuggets tight to your chest so you can sleep better at night – but anything that gnaws at you really needs to get out into the open so you can see all the sides of it.

Inspect the shit out of it – overthink it – try and spin it around so it’ll fit into a specific mold. Maybe even make a new mold; if you have time.

And keep in mind that each one of us is different – we all have unique requirements and conditions. So, mind your audience before you overshare. Missing your mark could change everything. Maybe not for you; maybe only for you – in moments of chaos, you can’t predict the outcome.

But don’t be deterred.

In order to keep this thing going, be willing to take risks – be willing to put yourself out there in the most uncomfortable of ways.

Be willing to be yourself.
Be willing to take chances.

Stoke the flame.
Keep kindling in your pockets and never let your fire go out.
That way people will stick around…

And if you get knocked down?
Well, hell – get back up…
That’s half the fun.

Published by Ragged

I’m here in the now, trying to experience life while living it...

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