Harrison Ford Just Made Me Cry

Growing up in the 1980’s – Harrison Ford quickly solidified his role in my life as something of a father figure, if not as someone I wanted to aspire to be like. But really, if I’m really being real – I wanted to be Indiana Jones; not Harrison Ford.

My older brother even gave me the hat – the actual, official, Indiana Jones hat.

And where that persona has blossomed into part of who I am today – in terms of being intrigued by adventure and the daydreams of landing some crunchy punches on Nazi Supervillains – it turns out that Harrison, himself – is a bit of a salty dog.

In interview after interview, he seems particularly jaded with the roles who made him who he is, and with people in general.

However, in this particular interview with Jimmy Fallon – where he’s just as disenfranchised as usual – he breaks “character” when talking about the loss of Peter Mayhew, who made a career of playing Chewbacca and lived his life being a gentle giant.

This whole interview is worth the watch. But when Ford’s eyes well-up around 3:58, mine do too.

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