Playlist: December

December is the beginning of the end; the swan song to the preceding year. We generally spend it getting ready for the holidays – which we’re still doing – but being that this year was a little off-kilter, I wanted to make a playlist that reflected more than just Christmas and New Year’s.

So I made a Spotify playlist about the month of December.

For me, December has always been a month filled with emotions. Yes, I’m still like a kid on Christmas, but what’s the otherside of that? Is there room for sadness in a month that anticipates happiness? Is there room for anger? You can’t just be in a state of bliss for thirty-one days, in your late-thirties, because of Christmas.

Especially this year – with it’s sharp turns, stress, and unlimited supply of unknowns.

So this playlist is about the snow. It’s about the changeover to flannel. It’s about short days and night hikes. It’s about love. It’s about loss. It’s about the change and the need to keep one foot in front of the other. In short, this playlist is a reaction to the bits and pieces I’ve picked up in the world around me.

I share a Christmas playlist every year, I felt it apropos to share something that takes the holiday’s into consideration in congress with my day to day life.

I hope you enjoy it.
Listen to it on shuffle.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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I’m here in the now, trying to experience life while living it...

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