The Wooling Of America

During this pandemic, when life slowed down to a crawl, we should have all been given an opportunity to do a system’s check and suss out what we like and don’t like about ourselves, make adjustments, and adapt to what’s being called the “new normal”. This also should have been a time where we upped our levels of compassion and care and looked out for one another.

Sadly, that’s not what happened and that’s not where we are today, as a whole, in the United States.

Where our efforts should have been focused on burying the hatchet and stitching society back together, our time has been taken up with trying to find the truth in what’s going on in our world today. What should have been a straight line to a solution became a tangled breeding ground for agendas that have created an even bigger divide between us. And as society continues to tumble to the hairy edge of collapse, the only solace is in the fact that the majority is heading there blindly, as the wool covers their eyes.

Right now, more than ever, it is obvious – do to incestuous infighting – that our problems in this country originate with our politicians. There’s also a large piece of the media that has been poisoned to report particular narratives to keep us blinded from the goal line. Everything has to do with progress. Sadly, when there are so many agendas in place, progress that should benefit the whole has become fragmented to the point where it’s obvious that the people in control are only in it for themselves and those that line their pockets.

The government has failed. It’s not one side or the other – the whole damn thing has tripped and fallen and its fragile bones keep snapping under the weight of its own incompetence. However, needing an answer to cling to, people have generally become more stratified and have been steadfast in taking sides. This has created a much larger divide which has been fueled by the politicizing of this pandemic. Equally damning is a major uptick in racism as people fight for what’s right, only to be met by people not willing to change.

Would now be a good time to talk about the attempts being made to systematically dismantle our police forces? Anyway.

The once mighty and respectable United States has become a cold, dark place – and the whole world is laughing at us; turning away for their own safety. Rightfully so, I guess – but I’m still an American and I am proud that I am. I will always defend this country and the freedoms that it allows me.

That said, in this crooked piece of time, the general population feels forced to align itself with the left or the right. All the while, I find myself living in the middle – something a large number of Americans still do, and something I’ve caught a lot of shit for – as they probably have as well.

People in the middle are able to discuss tenets of both sides that they agree with and the ones they don’t. From there they draw conclusions which support their beliefs and help form new ones. This is another example of progress and if the whole thing needed a label, these people would be considered “independent” – but I like to refer to it as “balanced”.

This ability to think freely should seem like commonsense, but the roars of those who have confined themselves to their blue or red cages is loud and proud. Freethinking is something we all can do – and should be able to do – under our flag of freedom – but it seems to be a negative more than a positive these days.


The reality of all of this is that the blue team doesn’t seem to mind so much, as most of them have the ability to keep an open mind – so I shouldn’t slam them for their convictions. Their cage door is either unlocked or they’ve all been given keys to come and go as they please. It’s the red team, however, that seems the most disturbed and, to me – that’s disturbing.

Though both sides cling to their headlines and sound bites, where the blue team seems optimistic and understanding – the red team cannot allow such insolence as it leads to defectors who see the blinding light of reality and are drawn to it. But even that is unfair to say, as the real soldiers of misfortune and misinformation in this matter aren’t necessarily Republicans in general, but Trump supporters at the core. It’s going to really put those folks in a tailspin once they realize that they’re not really living in a red state, but within his grand illusion.

It’ll be an even bigger blow when they realize that they, themselves aren’t really on the red team and that the alpha force behind the Republican party is slowly pulling back their efforts in supporting Trump.

That statement alone is enough to cause a disturbance in the force – so the comments preceding it are sure to trigger some. My intention was to enlighten others. After all, this is America – land of the free, because of the brave – and we should all make our decisions based on our beliefs and not because of what a party that doesn’t care about us tells us to.

That said, there’s nothing special about being able to think collectively like a Democrat and a Republican – and even beyond. There’s nothing wrong with it either. It shouldn’t cause an issue or even be a topic of conversation, but if there’s an ugly scar on the United States of America, it’s that people feel they need to find a label and a team to follow, and there’s no room for free-thinking in that situation.

This has been holding back progress for years and in order to survive, we need to keep moving forward. Treading water works to keep you afloat, but it doesn’t move you in one way or another. So, eventually, thinking that’s all you can do, you get bored and accept your fate. All the while, if you opened your mind – you’d remember you can swim.

Enter Teddy Roosevelt, an extremely strong swimmer. Teddy was one of the best Republican presidents in our history because – one, he wasn’t a Republican, and two – because he wasn’t a politician. Teddy was an author, an ornithologist, and a freak for preserving nature. Politics just happened to work for him due to his robust personality, his uncanny knack for oration, and an adventurous course of action which kept him alive, even when he was told he was living in the confines of failing health.

The Republican Party invited him into their fold because they were tired of running around in circles, and he was their ticket onward and upward.

(Seriously, Google it. Read a book about it – as every book about Teddy mentions it in one way or another.)

Remember, the Republican Party was created to help this country grow as it had stalled under the Democrats. At the turn of the century, when the Republicans wrapped their arms around Teddy, they, themselves had stalled. They saw him as the spark they needed to gain enough momentum to move forward – and they were correct. Though they soon too would regret empowering him, as he was light years beyond being sequestered to the left or right.

Teddy Roosevelt was balance. He lived in the middle and he has been honored and chastised for it for more than a century. In a time where the country was treading water, Teddy was an excellent swimmer. In that, Teddy was progress.

One-hundred year later here we are, all being able to think freely in the freest country in the world, and we’re stuck to verbally abusing one another – online and in person – because we refuse to understand and respect one another. In 2020, under the shadow of a pandemic, you’re either a snowflake or a racist. There’s seemingly no room for anything else – and it’s all a distraction. We’re in a vicious cycle of treading water and creating more labels for labels to feed a system that has its claws in every aspect of everything out there – and never been stood up to in modern America.

Our government survives on our willingness to be submissive. It knows that we’re not going to put in the effort to stand up against it because it has programmed us to think that if we push back, they’ll cut us off and we’ll be left in the dark; forced to fend for ourselves.

Sadly, with all that power – they’re not that powerful.

We’re allowing this government to divide us by manipulating a virus and a cultural defect – racism – to distract us. All the while, it knows it’s running around in circles and running out of steam. That reality is what allowed the Republicans to let Donald Trump in – just as they did with Teddy Roosevelt over a century ago. But where Teddy was a revolutionary gunning for progress and posterity, Trump is a sensationalist who has aligned himself to gain – personally.

If anything, Donald Trump is living the American Dream. But in this sequence, America suffers while he prospers. And, look – he’s not all bad. In fact, he’s done a ton of good for our economy. He’s done this while being crippled by the Democrats at every turn. Every time he tries to make a difference, they sweep the leg and knock him down. But he’s a showman, a huckster, and he’s playing into their game and taking the Republican Party down with him.

(Which is probably why they’re starting to separate themselves from him.)

If there was a point in time in this generation where we should collectively stand up for what we believe in – it would be now. But it won’t be now, because every time we, as society, pull the wool back to see clearly, it only lasts for a minute before another agenda is executed and knocks us back. Once we start to swim, a wave of deceit takes us out and leaves us forced to tread until the waters calm down again; just in time for the next wave.

We’re living in a time where we’re being forced to question science because our government tells us to. We’re living in a time where we can no longer survive off the headlines of the news and a little lite-reading. We are pre-occupied in doing our own research and drawing our own conclusions. We are too-preoccupied, in general. This, in itself, is an agenda being pushed on us by a desperate government which has grown so long in the tooth to the point where it’s no longer effective. It can no longer power the engine of progress to benefit the whole and has become fractured and focused on only benefiting a select few.

This is why we need a middle. This is why we can’t currently fall to the left or the right. Right now isn’t the time to be a Democrat or a Republican. We need to toe the line and be Americans. We must balance ourselves in the middle. We must think for ourselves and align on the common goal to move past 2020. This, and only this will allow us – as the whole – to shed the wool and progress towards the future.

Again, there is nothing special or specific about thinking freely. It is your right to approach every aspect of your life with an open mind. I, like many other fellow Americans, have built my own belief system, culled from aspects of both political parties – and beyond – to draw my own conclusions. I was once labeled an Independent – then I chose to be a Democrat. I spent my thirties as a Republican, and now – as I touch the leading edge of my forties, I realize that if I want to be free in a country that exemplifies freedom, then I need to lead the charge – straight up the middle – and so I find myself Independent again.

Bottomline: if society is truly going to take a nose dive, I want to go out on my own two feet; not being carried to the fire by false prophets, profiteers, and sensationalists.

Open your mind.
Find your balance.
Start swimming.
After all, wool is heavy in water and you’re only going to drown.

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