Your Friendly, Neighborhood, Brand Amplifier

What is a Brand Amplifier?

A Marketing Engineer who’s main objective is to increase a brand’s presence through social media, merchandising, and boots on the ground marketing.

Life is about you, so why not make it about you?

Why should we settle into an occupation that we were conditioned for, when we can work at one that utilizes our natural, raw talent?

I’m a square peg.

An engineer without an engineering degree who excels at engineering, but thrives in marketing and brand amplification situations.

I became an engineer because someone took a chance on me and allowed me to learn how to become an engineer. Through enthusiasm, I took it upon myself to design in 3D, utilizing my ability to think outside the box – all while learning to understand why I designed something the way I did.

Theory. That’s what engineering is really about. The end result is always the goal – but the theory behind the design is the objective.

And I enjoy it. Man, do I enjoy it. But I don’t thrive behind a desk for 10 hours a day. I need stimulation. I need an environment that cultivates my interests.

I’m forever writing. I’m forever getting behind an idea and exploiting it, organically. When I find something that interests me, there’s no glass ceiling to my capabilities.

I’m creative. From taking photos, to creating custom graphics, to materializing successful events, or supporting brands at events, I thrive when I’m allowed to take off the suit and be myself.

It’s been craft beer. It’s been knives and tools. It’s been after-market roof racks.

It’s all been an extension of who I am. It’s all been an exploitation of a hobby or my culture.

And I’ve been successful at all of it. But Engineering has always paid the bills.

Engineering has also allowed me to get my fix for tinkering. But marketing – and to that extent – sales – is where my personality is allowed to show up, everyday, for work.

So that’s the next adventure, right? Shouldn’t I focus on “me” at 38 years old, and find that one brand that let’s me give it my all to their benefit?

Well, here I am.

Looking for a place that allows me to be me and utilizes my natural talents.

If you had to put a name on it, I would call it a “Marketing Engineer”. Someone who understands the goal, but isn’t afraid to think outside the box to get there. A creative tinkerer with a interesting way of getting the message out there. Whatever that message is.

But here, we’re going to call it a “Brand Amplifier” because it draws attention as it leaves the outermost edges of your lips when you say it. It’s more captivating.

Resume is up to date.

Creative juices are finely tuned.

Who wants me?


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I’m here in the now, trying to experience life while living it...

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