Listen to Music… All the time.. Even when you’re sleeping.

Music has always played a large roll in my life. There isn’t a certain type of music I lean towards, but I’m currently drenching myself in Americana. Actually, it’s probably always in this realm, but I don’t mind branching out and listening to a little bit of everything.

Bigger than what I’m listening to – is what it does for me. There are key moments in my life that are associated with key songs. Even more – there are albums that define full seasons I’ve lived through. And I don’t think I’m alone – in fact, I know I’m not. Music has shaped my personality.

As a kid I would visit my aunt and uncle at their place in Andover, VT. You would enter the house and, ever so softly, there would be music. This music would play all day, be turned off at night, and then turned back on when my aunt or uncle woke up the next morning.

I’ve adopted something of the same routine, over the years, but go as far as to keep it playing throughout the night. Sometimes it’s white noise, going undistinguishable across the wooden floor boards, up the wall, and out the window. Other times, it’s the center piece and we all sit around it and feed from it’s wonderful bounty.

I find it sets my tone, helps me work better, and keeps me from getting lonely when my girls aren’t around.

Anyway. I wanted to share a couple of playlists that I would encourage you to follow – if you have Spotify.

1. Overland Harvest (Revisited)

This is a collection of music – most of which kept my head on straight during my divorce – that became my culture and personality. It fit me well at the time, and I think it still does. It’s great for long drives out on crisp nights – roads, trails, wherever your vehicle will take you.

2. Wanderlust Of My Soul

This one is my whole life, in song. Literally, a collection of songs that either trigger memories, or make new ones as I hear them. This is my opus. This is what needs to be played by my family, after I check out, so people who didn’t know me well – get to know me well.

Music is culture and it is what has allowed civilization to grow and expand. It’s the stories once told by a campfire and shared by different cultures to break the ice in their first meetings. It’s therapeutic and it’s medicinal.

We all need music.

It’s like sharing part of my soul with all of you…

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